“Doctor Sarkis Cholakyan is a great doctor, who is always helping me and treating me throughout my injuries in training camp while getting ready for big fights. He is always willing to go the extra mile in order to provide the best care for all his patients. He is very caring and I cannot thank him enough. Thank you Doctor Sarkis Cholakyan!”

Vic Darchinyan

“Dr. Cholakyan words cannot express my gratitude for your kindness and the wonderful care you have provided for me and my training partners throughout the many years that you have been treating us. Your patience, bedside manner and special attention to each client has been exceptional, especially with our rehabilitation in regards to our careers. Your skill was evident in our results. I feel blessed to have such a caring and truly considerate doctor that I can count on. Furthermore, please also extend my sincere gratitude to your staff for the wonderful courtesy that I have received from them throughout my many visits over the years. See you soon!”

Manny Gamburyan

“I have been coming to Doctor Cholakyan for the past 3 or 4 years and he is one of the reasons I am an undefeated fighter. I come in here with pain and leave here without pain. I am a 2004 US Olympian and right now I am ranked #1 in the world by the WBO & and I recommend Doctor Sarkis to everybody, not just athletes. “

Vanes Martirosyan

“I severely injured my back around March 2009.  The injury was so bad, that I was not able to walk, stand from sitting position, stand for more than few minutes, while laying down I was not able to turn from one side to the other, I was not able to raise my body from the bed on my own and even with assistance the pain was so severe it took me 30 minutes trying to sit down.  The pain was getting worse and worse day by day, and at one point I had to go to the emergency room and get high dosage pain killers.  I was recommended to do massages with a massage therapist, but the pain was getting worst after massage therapies instead of getting better.  I was recommended for acupuncture treatments, but after trying few sessions, the pain was still severe.  I had lost hope that I could ever walk again, and couldn’t stand straight either; my body had shifted to my right.  My pain was radiating from my back to my leg, all the way below my knee area.  For almost two months I was completely disabled.  My only hope was surgery, when one of my relatives recommended me to Dr. Cholakyan.  I decided to see Dr. Cholakyan, but I did not believe chiropractic treatments could help me, and had lost hope in any types of treatments. Dr. Cholakyan examined me, and based on my symptoms started a treatment sessions.  Dr. Cholakyan recommended me for a MRI, in order to see which section of my back was injured, but even before the MRI results were back, he already knew the exact area, and type of injury I was suffering from because of his expertise.  MRI results were back showing I had 13MM disc bulge at one area, and 6mm in another area.  I thought surgery was my only option by seeing the MRI results, but Dr. Cholakyan recommended continuing the chiropractic treatments, and only having the option of surgery as the last choice.  I was treating 3-5 days a week, but it was like a miracle how day by day I was getting better, the pain level was going down, the radiating pain was disappearing, and at one point I was able to walk without leaning to the right, and walk pain free.  Another MRI was performed around 5 months after getting consistent treatments, and my disc bulge had gotten very small, and surgery was not an option anymore. I am so blessed that I got the chance to meet Dr. Cholakyan, who is an amazing doctor, and saved my life, and gave me the chance to walk and enjoy daily activities with my family.  I highly recommend Dr. Cholakyan, since I believe in him, and it is amazing what he does for people. Thank you so much!!!”

Mary (2013)